Getting a Nanny For The Holidays

wife needing a nannyIt’s school holiday time again and my wife is already panicking and pulling her hair out because the thought of 6 weeks entertaining a 5 and 7 year old is like pulling teeth! It’s the first full 6 weeks at home in the holidays with both kids and we’re seriously considering hiring a nanny for a month to help her get through it.

There are a lot of temp agencies out there that hire nannies for short periods of time and for around £1500-£2000 you can get one full time. We got in touch with who were great and gave us all the info we needed. As they are not hired by you there is no need to look after the tax for your nanny as the agency do all that for you.

My wife runs her own small business and although she only works part time at it there are still a few hours of work each day that need to be done. It’s got to be done in business hours as well as it’s an ecommerce store so not something she can pick up in the evenings. She wouldn’t want to anyway after looking after the kids all day as well. So on closer inspection writing off a months salary to pay a nanny in the holidays isn’t actually a bad deal as we get to spend time with the kids, keep the business in tip top shape and also have a helper to keep everyone sane.

kids needing a nanny tooThe only downside to getting a nanny for the holidays is the guilt of not wanting to spend the whole time with your kids and the possibility of friends frowning on you for doing it. Anyone who’s got kids that are young and very close together will know how hard it is and why we’re thinking of doing it. If we lose a few short minded friends for a bit because they don’t like our approach to balancing a business and family for a bit so be it. We’re interested in keeping everyone (including the kids) happy for 6 weeks so we can all function!

If you want instead of the agency approach you can post a job ad on a temporary board like but now the holidays have just started it’s possibly a little late to be considering that option.


When Is A Mobile Car Repair Practical?

car broken downA few days ago the car wouldn’t start and being a skin flint I don’t have any breakdown cover. Having called all my friends to ask if they know anything about cars I finally gave in (we’re all pretty crap with anything mechanical) and started looking for a garage. Having just moved to a new area I didn’t know of any garages so did a quick Google search and found 3 within a couple of miles. All wanted the car brought to the garage which want’ an option as the bloody things not running!

They were all very helpful and offered to come and collect the car for an additional £80 or so which I wan’t too chuffed about so started looking for a mobile mechanic. Found this site and I was surprised how many there are out there and after just one call I had a mobile car repair guy on my doorstep within a few hours.

Why on earth I’ve never thought of this before is beyond me. Every time I’ve had to take the car in for an MOT or a service it’s a right pain in the backside. Mobile garages are a genius idea but why there aren’t more people using them is beyond me. Even came out on a Saturday which is awesome.

I’ll be getting all my car bits done by this guy from now on and he’s bloody cheap too!

Found this hillarious video while I was searching for a mechanic too. How not to jack your car up! :)

Hi, It’s Paul Smith

Not THAT Paul SmithNo not that Paul Smith, the famous fashion guru. The other one that inhabits the world with about a million other Paul Smiths.

Welcome to my new site which is going to be talking about all sorts of stuff to do with fashion, business and online general titbits which I’m in to.

My old blogger site got trashed so I thought I’d start up my own here and see how it goes. Hope to see you soon with load of interesting junk from around the web. friends and Family better follow me or else! :)